Drinking Water State Revolving Loan Fund (New Mexico)

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Last modified on December 17, 2014.

Financial Incentive Program

Place New Mexico

Name Drinking Water State Revolving Loan Fund
Incentive Type State Loan Program
Applicable Sector Local Government, Public Water Systems
Eligible Technologies Photovoltaics, Other Distributed Generation Technologies, Yes; specific technologies not identified
Active Incentive Yes
Implementing Sector State/Territory
Energy Category Renewable Energy Incentive Programs, Energy Efficiency Incentive Programs
Amount Loan recipients can receive principal forgiveness starting at 25% of project costs. Additional principal forgiveness may be available for projects earning "disadvantaged community" status and "green project" status, up to a maximum 75% principal forgiveness.

Start Date 1997

Funding Source Environmental Protection Agency Capitalization Grant; additional funds from state.

Terms 0% to 4% with terms of 20 years following a two-year construction period
Program Administrator New Mexico Finance Authority
Website http://www.nmfa.net/financing/water-programs/drinking-water-revolving-loan-fund/

References DSIREDatabase of State Incentives for Renewables and Efficiency[1]


The Drinking Water State Revolving Loan Fund provides low-cost financial assistance to eligible public water systems to finance the cost of repair and replacement of drinking water infrastructure, maintain or achieve compliance with the federal Safe Drinking Water Act (SWDA) requirements, and protect drinking water quality and public health.

The program offers principal forgiveness starting at 25% of project costs. Depending on determinations to be made by the New Mexico Financing Authority, additional principal forgiveness for up to a total of 75% of project costs may be awarded for communities that qualify as disadvantaged communities and certified "green projects". Green projects include green infrastructure, water conservation, energy efficiency improvements, or other environmentally innovative activities. See the website above for complete details, including the fiscal year 2015 Intended Use Plan (effective July 2014).

Incentive Contact

Contact Name Todd Johansen
Department New Mexico Finance Authority
Address 207 Shelby St.
Place Sante Fe, New Mexico
Zip/Postal Code 87501
Phone (505) 992-9654

Email tjohansen@nmfa.net
Website http://www.nmfa.net

  • Incentive and policy data are reviewed and approved by the N.C. Solar Center's DSIRE project staff.[1]


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