Dominican Republic-Low-Carbon Energy Roadmaps for the Greater Antilles

From Open Energy Information


"Launched in spring 2010, Worldwatch’s Caribbean project is partnering with local governments, business leaders, academia, and civil society groups to develop low-carbon energy roadmaps. The project will include renewable resource mapping, technical and economic assessments, and a full-scope policy analysis of potential renewable energy sites and energy efficiency projects. The roadmaps will help industry and government officials to coordinate ongoing low-carbon development activities while increasing investor confidence in new projects in the region."

The goal of the project is to develop a low carbon energy roadmap that will assist decision makers in the Dominican Republic with the strategic development of their energy system. The focus will be on cost-effective low-carbon technologies that rely on indigenous resources and maximize strengthening of local industries and expanded job opportunities. The project will also identify potential sources of finance to support these efforts.

Progress, Outcomes, and Lessons Learned

Two capacity building needs have been identified:

  • The National Energy Commission's ability to create a one-stop-shop for potential renewable energy projects. Given that the Commission is a relatively young institution and that renewable energy investment is rather new to the country, the process by which developers obtain concession and meet legal criteria is inefficient and confusing.
  • The ability of the financial sector to adequately provide financing for renewable energy projects. Providing financing for items like houses and cars is common and well understood. Underwriting renewable energy projects, understanding how to access international support for such projects and lack of available capital leave this industry at somewhat of a loss.

Current plans include a workshop where experienced professionals from similar regional countries share learning and expertise with current institutions.


  1.  "Low-Carbon Energy Roadmaps for the Greater Antilles"