Dixie Valley Six Well Flow Test

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Journal Article: Dixie Valley Six Well Flow Test

A six well flow test was conducted during 1986 at the Dixie Valley geothermal field. Flow duration lasted from 40 to 74 days with a maximum rate of 5.9 million pounds/hour. During the test, downhole pressures were monitored in eight surrounding wells. Downhole pressure and temperature surveys were run in each of the flowing wells,usually in conjunction with productivity tests. Results from the flow test and earlier interference tests indicate that six wells are capable of providing in excess of the 4.5 million pounds/hour required for a 62 mw (gross) power plant.

William L. Desormier

Published Journal 
Geothermal Resources Council, TRANSACTIONS, 1987

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William L. Desormier. 1987. Dixie Valley Six Well Flow Test. Geothermal Resources Council, TRANSACTIONS. .

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