Division of Indian Energy Policy Development

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Division of Indian Energy Policy Development is an organization based in Washington, DC.

Who We Are[edit]

The Division of Indian Energy Policy Development oversees the development and implementation of energy and mineral development regulations in Indian country and initiates programs to enhance the capacity of tribes to take charge of developing their energy and mineral resources.

The Division has specific responsibility for implementing Title V, Section 503 of the Energy Policy Act of 2005 (Public Law 109-58) which requires the Secretary of the Interior to oversee the review, evaluation, and implementation of Tribal Energy Resource Agreements (TERA). A TERA provides a tribe with the option of entering into energy-related business agreements and leases and for granting rights-of-way for pipelines, electric transmission, and distribution lines without the review and approval of the Secretary of the Interior for each proposed project.

What We Do[edit]

  • Promote tribal oversight of energy and mineral resource development on tribal lands, thus furthering the goal of Indian self-determination
  • Coordinate with other DOI bureaus and offices, other federal agencies and tribes to develop effective processes for implementation of Indian energy processes, policies and regulations
  • Conduct outreach activities that explain regulatory requirements and the respective roles of the Department and tribes regarding the development of energy resources under 25 CFR Part 224
  • Develop and implement tribal capacity building programs designed to provide Indian country access to information and develop tribal expertise in the energy resource development field
  • Develop and update guidelines to implement TERA regulations, including procedures for creating and maintaining records for use in monitoring tribal compliance with its associated TERA


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