District of Columbia: Energy Resources

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The District of Columbia is the capital of the United States of America.

State Energy Program Funding

To date, the District of Columbia has received $22,022,000 from the Department of Energy's State Energy Program.[1]

Related Information

Registered Networking Organizations in District of Columbia

  1. American Wind Energy Association (AWEA)

Registered Energy Companies in District of Columbia

  1. LEED Certification

Energy Incentives for District of Columbia

  1. Building Energy Code for the District of Columbia (District of Columbia)
  2. Business Energy Rebate Program (District of Columbia)
  3. Climate Action Plan (District of Columbia)
  4. DC Hazardous Waste Management (District of Columbia)
  5. District of Columbia - Residential Energy Efficient Appliance Rebates (District of Columbia)
  6. Energy Efficiency Standards for Appliances (District of Columbia)
  7. Energy Star Procurement Requirement for Agencies (District of Columbia)
  8. Flood Zone Building Permits (District of Columbia)
  9. Forestry Policies (District of Columbia)
  10. Fuel Mix and Emissions Disclosure (District of Columbia)
  11. Green Building Requirement (District of Columbia)
  12. Industrial Discharge Permits (District of Columbia)
  13. Industrial Revenue Bond Program (District of Columbia)
  14. Interconnection Standards (District of Columbia)
  15. Interstate Commission on the Potomac River Basin (Multiple States)
  16. Mainstay Energy Rewards Program - Green Tag Purchase Program (District of Columbia)
  17. Major Source Permits (District of Columbia)
  18. Net Metering (District of Columbia)
  19. PEPCO - Commercial and Industrial Energy Efficiency Incentives Program (District of Columbia)
  20. PEPCO - Existing Buildings Energy Efficiency Program (District of Columbia)
  21. PEPCO - New Construction Energy Efficiency Program (District of Columbia)
  22. PEPCO - Residential Energy Efficient Appliance Rebate Program (District of Columbia)
  23. PJM Interconnection (Multiple States)
  24. Property Assessed Clean Energy Financing (District of Columbia)
  25. Qualifying RPS State Export Markets (District of Columbia)
  26. Renewable Energy Demonstration Project (REDP) (District of Columbia)
  27. Renewable Energy Incentive Program (District of Columbia)
  28. Renewables Portfolio Standard (District of Columbia)
  29. Residential Energy Conservation Tax Credit (District of Columbia)
  30. Residential Energy Star Appliance Rebate Program (District of Columbia)
  31. Solar Energy System and Cogeneration System Personal Property Tax Credit (District of Columbia)
  32. Solar Renewable Energy Certificates (District of Columbia)
  33. Solar Renewable Energy Credits (District of Columbia)
  34. Sustainable Energy Trust Fund (District of Columbia)
  35. Sustainable Energy Utility - D.C. Home Performance (District of Columbia)
  36. Sustainable Energy Utility - Residential Energy Efficiency Program (District of Columbia)
  37. Tax Increment Financing Program (TIF) (District of Columbia)
  38. The Enterprise Zone Program (District of Columbia)
  39. Underground Storage Tank Management (District of Columbia)
  40. Wage Tax Credit (District of Columbia)
  41. Well Permits (District of Columbia)


  1. 2009 Recovery Act and the State Energy Program