Development And Role Of Geothermal Resources In India

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Journal Article: Development And Role Of Geothermal Resources In India

The geothermal resources discovered in India consist of warm/hot water systems. Medium-temperature waters and reversal of temperature at depth were observed in Puga, Manikaran and the West Coast geothermal areas after exploratory drilling. Such resources can be utilized only for non-electrical applications after detailed technical-economic feasibility studies. The presence of medium-temperature (90-140°C) springs in the cold, remote and steep Himalayan terrains and of lower temperature springs (100°C) in the hot and variable climate of the Peninsular and Coastal regions further restrict full utilization of these resources, with the exception of Cambay, West Coast and Tatapani-Jhor areas. After careful study a list of direct utilizations is proposed for future consideration and the development of the main geothermal resources in India.

Chandra S. Dubey

Published Journal 
Geothermics, 1988

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Chandra S. Dubey. 1988. Development And Role Of Geothermal Resources In India. Geothermics. (!) .