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LBNL's International Energy Studies Group is involved in a number of activities relating to energy use in developing countries and climate change.

  • Developed international energy use data and emissions scenarios for the EPA report to Congress on Policy Options for Stabilizing Global Climate, 1989
  • Organized and led studies of 12 developing countries on mitigation costs and emissions scenarios, 1991 and 1994 Special Issues of Energy Policy
  • Technical lead for climate change mitigation analysis for the US Country Studies Program
  • 1993-9, GEF/UNEP Country Studies
  • 1992-98, and GEF/UNDP/ADB Asia Studies (ALGAS)
  • 1995-99. Numerous reports and five special journal issues AMBIO, Environmental Management, Applied Energy, Mitigation and Adaptation Strategies, Interciencia
  • Supported development of national communications for China, India, and Brazil." [1]

LBNL IES Group continues initiatives with developing countries to conduct studies related to clean energy development.


Blueprint for Energy Efficiency

Climate Change Mitigation: Barriers, Opportunities and Technology Transfer

Representative IPR Practices for Technologies Developed with Public Funds

Other India specific presentations are also available at the Developing Countries Studies website.


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