Develop Cost Curves

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Stage 3

Once market analyses have been performed for technologies and land use initiatives, a marginal abatement cost curve can be used to model the GHG emission mitigation potentials and abatement costs of various options. A number of MACs have been developed (some are presented in the following table) and these analyses can be useful in providing background information on potential options to be considered for the pathways analysis in the next stage.

3b.6.1. Table: Marginal Abatement Cost Curves

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Tool Data Needs and Sources Outputs Example Products
Marginal Abatement Supply Curves Technology Cost and Performance Data Toolkit, GHG emission data- IPCC Data Distribution Centre, WRI-Earth Trends Data Mitigation technologies and abatement costs Mexico-McKinsey GHG Abatement Cost Curve see figure 1, ECN GHG Marginal Abatement Cost curves (NAMAC)