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The state of Colorado is home to some incentives that can greatly benefit a homeowner, business, or industrial owner. Incentives can be difficult to keep track of, as they change quite often. It also sometimes difficult to determine the benefits of one incentive versus another. This page is intended for Denver and Boulder residents who are interested in benefitting from installing renewable energy systems through an incentive.


Denver Incentives

  • Population: 5 million (rank 22)
  • Annual Population Growth Rate: 1.9% (rank 7)
  • Denver Forecasted Growth by 2030: 50% growth (2.7 million to 3.7 million) Denver Statistics

Denver is a large city that promotes renewable energy development, with incentives for the installation of wind and solar. Click to find out more about Denver local incentives.


Boulder Incentives

  • Population: 94,000
  • Population Growth rate since 2000: .03%
  • Forecasted Growth rate to 2014: -1.4% Boulder Statistics

Boulder is a beautiful city next to the front range with a modest population. Boulder promotes renewable energy, and they make many incentives for the installation of solar and wind available. Click to find out more about Boulder area incentives