Definition: Image Logs

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Image Logs

Well logging techniques which create images of the inside of a borehole. A 360° view camera is used that can be lowered into a borehole via logging cable. The camera’s purpose is to provide live images of the borehole walls.

Wikipedia Definition

Well logging, also known as borehole logging is the practice of making a detailed record (a well log) of the geologic formations penetrated by a borehole. The log may be based either on visual inspection of samples brought to the surface (geological logs) or on physical measurements made by instruments lowered into the hole(geophysical logs). Some types of geophysical well logs can be done during any phase of a well's history: drilling, completing, producing, or abandoning. Well logging is performed in boreholes drilled for the oil and gas, groundwater, mineral and geothermal exploration, as well as part of environmental and geotechnical studies.