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Distribution Management System

A Distribution Management System (DMS) is a utility IT system capable of collecting, organizing, displaying and analyzing real-time or near real-time electric distribution system information. A DMS can also allow operators to plan and execute complex distribution system operations in order to increase system efficiency, optimize power flows, and prevent overloads. A DMS can interface with other operations applications such as geographic information systems (GIS), outage management systems (OMS), and customer information systems (CIS) to create an integrated view of distribution operations.[1]

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In the recent years, utilization of electrical energy increased exponentially and customer requirement and quality definitions of power were changed enormously. As the electric energy became an essential part of the daily life, its optimal usage and reliability became important. Real-time network view and dynamic decisions have become instrumental for optimizing resources and managing demands, thus making a distribution management system which could handle proper work flows, very critical.

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