DeFrees Flume 4

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Basic Specifications
Facility Name DeFrees Flume 4
Overseeing Organization Cornell University Hydrodynamics
Hydrodynamic Testing Facility Type Flume
Length(m) 20.0
Beam(m) 1.0
Depth(m) 1.0
Water Type Freshwater

Towing Capabilities
Towing Capabilities None

Wavemaking Capabilities
Wavemaking Capabilities None

Channel/Tunnel/Flume Yes
Velocity(m/s) 2
Recirculating No
Wind Capabilities
Wind Capabilities Yes
Wind Velocity Range(m/s) 14.1
Other Characteristics Sufficient fetch to generate wind waves
Control and Data Acquisition
Description National Instruments LabView and Mathworks Matlab DAQ systems
Number of channels 64+
Bandwidth(kHz) 1000
Cameras Yes
Number of Color Cameras 5
Description of Camera Types 1024 x 1024 x 12 bit to 60 fps, 491 x 656 x 8-bit to 100 fps, others
Available Sensors Pressure Range(psi), Ultrasonic Wave Height, Velocity, Acoustics, Acceleration, Displacement, Flow, Turbulence, Thermal
Data Generation Capability
Real-Time Yes

Test Services
Test Services Yes
Utility Services Available Water, compressed air, 120, 208, 3-phase 240 VAC
On-Site fabrication capability/equipment Fully equipped machine shop
Past Pertinent Test Experience Wave research, wave-structure interaction, wave-sediment studies
Special Characteristics
Special Characteristics Yes
Types of Co-located facilities Wave tanks, flumes, turbulence tank, sediment flumes
Specializations, Capabilities, and Key
Facility Attributes Not Covered Elsewhere
Combined wind-water tunnel with +/- tilting capability. Lagrangian rail for mounting cameras for Lagrangian tracking

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