Cuttings Analysis At U.S. South Region (Smith & Dees, 1982)

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Exploration Activity: Cuttings Analysis At U.S. South Region (Smith & Dees, 1982)

Exploration Activity Details
Location U.S. South Region
Exploration Technique Cuttings Analysis
Activity Date
Usefulness useful
DOE-funding Unknown

(Louisiana & Mississippi): "cased, non-flowing boreholes at least 150 m deep were sought on an opportunistic basis through state geological surveys and U.S. Geological Survey offices. Representative samples of drill cuttings were used for laboratory measurements of thermal conductivity. A total of 38 new heat flow values, ranging from less than 1 heat flow unit (hfu) (41.8 mW/m 2) to more than 2 hfu, were determined (Smith and Dees, in preparation), and a wedge-shaped zone of elevated thermal gradients and positive heat flow anomalies can be depicted (Fig. 1)."

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