Crustal Neon- A Striking Uniformity

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Journal Article: Crustal Neon- A Striking Uniformity

By combining data from a diverse suite of crustal fluid samples representing a broad geographical distribution, we have identified a well-defined nucleogenic (crustal) neon component. The neon is produced from (Α, n) and (n, Α) nuclear interactions involving nuclei of O, Mg, and F 1. In the limiting case of 20Ne/22Ne = 0, the composition is: 21Ne/22Ne = 0.47 ± 0.01 and 21Ne/4He = (0.46 ± 0.08) _ 10-7. A crustal O/F ratio of ~ 110 (atomic) calculated from the 21Ne/22Ne ratio is 4-10 times less than the average crustal O/F ratio. The discrepancy can be accounted for by an enhanced O/F ratio within the ~ 10-40 μm range of the U-Th-generated Α-particles.

B. M. Kennedy, H. Hiyagon and J. H. Reynolds

Published Journal 
Earth and Planetary Science Letters, 1990



B. M. Kennedy,H. Hiyagon,J. H. Reynolds. 1990. Crustal Neon- A Striking Uniformity. Earth and Planetary Science Letters. (!) .