Core Lithology, Valles Caldera No. 1, New Mexico

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Report: Core Lithology, Valles Caldera No. 1, New Mexico

Vallas caldera No. 1 (VC-1) is the first Continental Scientific Drilling Program research core hole in the Vallas caldera and the first continuously cored hole in the region. The hole penetrated 298 m of moat volcanics and caldera-fill ignimbrites, 35 m of volcaniclastic breccia, and 523 m of Paleozoic carbonates, sandstones, and shales with over 95% core recovery. The primary research objectives included coring through the youngest rhyolite flow within the caldera; obtaining structural and stratigraphic information near the intersection of the ring-fracture zone and the pre-caldera Jemez fault zone; and penetrating a high-temperature hydrothermal outflow plume near its source. This report presents a compilation of lithologic and geophysical logs and photographs of core that were collected while drilling VC-1. It is intended to be a reference tool for researchers interested in caldera processes and associated geologic phenomena.

Jamie N. Gardner, Fraser E. Goff, Sue Goff, Larry Maassen, K. Mathews, Daniel Wachs and D. Wilson

Los Alamos National Laboratory, NM, 1987

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Jamie N. Gardner,Fraser E. Goff,Sue Goff,Larry Maassen,K. Mathews,Daniel Wachs,D. Wilson. 1987. Core Lithology, Valles Caldera No. 1, New Mexico. Los Alamos, NM: Los Alamos National Laboratory, NM. Report No.: LA-10957-OBES.

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