Core Analysis At Raft River Geothermal Area (1979)

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Exploration Activity: Core Analysis At Raft River Geothermal Area (1979)

Exploration Activity Details
Location Raft River Geothermal Area
Exploration Technique Core Analysis
Activity Date 1979
Usefulness not indicated
DOE-funding Unknown

Exploration Basis
Permitted the lateral and vertical extrapolation of core and test data and bridged the gap between surface geophysical data and core analyses.
1) Microcracks were observed in core samples. A set of observable characteristics of microcracks were discovered in racks from geothermal regions that appears to be unique and to have considerable potential for exploration for geothermal regions. Both permeability and electrical conductivity were measured for a suite of samples with a range of microcracks characteristics. A partial set of samples were collected to study migration of radioactive elements. 2) Laboratory analyses of cores from the intermediate depth holes were used to provide a qualitative and quantitative basis for a detailed interpretation of logs from the shallow part of the reservoir. A less detailed interpretation of logs from the deeper part of the reservoir is based on much less corroborative evidence. Extensive use was made of computer plotting techniques to arrive at some interpretations.Both the stratigraphic correlation utilizing a full suite of logs and the attitude of bedding calculated from acoustic televiewer logs indicate gentle dips throughout most of the reservoir with some local fractures.

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