Cool Earth Solar

From Open Energy Information

Cool Earth Solar, a privately held corporation, was founded in 2007 by Dr. Eric Cummings. Our breakthrough technology scales up to produce enough clean energy to address the global energy crisis at pricing competitive with fossil fuel power plant rates. We are literally "reshaping solar energy: Most of today's solar energy systems take the form of flat panels or boxes-with-lenses and require large amounts of heavy, expensive materials. However, our inflated solar concentrators are shaped like balloons and are primarily made of inexpensive materials such plastic thin film and inflation air. This design approach radically reduces materials, plant costs, and deployment time.

Air-inflated, balloon-shaped concentrators are key to our innovative design. Each 10-ft diameter concentrator is made of plastic film—the same kind of plastic film used to bag potato chips—with a transparent upper hemisphere and a reflective lower hemisphere. When inflated, the concentrator naturally forms a shape that concentrates sunlight onto a PV cell placed at the focal point. This means we need fewer cells to produce a lot more electricity. In fact, a single cell in our concentrator generates almost 400 times the electricity of a cell without a concentrator.


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