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Consolidated Energy Consultants Ltd (CECL) is a company located in Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh, India . CECL is an organization working on harnessing renewable resources for electricity generation. State of Madhya Pradesh in India, had very little background of technology interventions in this aspect. The projects were then started under a pact with State government in the name of M.P.Wind farm, at Dewas with dedicated wind farms for supply to grid and thus a practical experiment came in place.

Some of the useful achievements of CECL:

Site Identification Already Identified more than 800 MW sites in MP, Rajasthan and Gujarat Site Identification in progress for 1000+ MW Windmapped- Mauriitius, Srilanka, Bangladesh, North East India

Anemometry Completed - 14 ; In Progress - 7 ; To commence - 9;

Feasibility Study 37 Projects - 1772 MW

Wind Resource Assessment 65 Projects - 7092 MW

Energy Estimation and Validation 99 Projects - 2767 MW

Windfarm Performance Monitoring 22 Projects - 365 MW

Directory Indian Wind Power:[3] CECL publishes a Directory on Indian Wind Power[4]annually on various issues pertaining to Indian Win Power. This is one of the most widely read publication on Wind Power scenario in India. It covers issues like: Wind power development in the country, Abstracts of policies of the state governments, Wind resource assessment, Installations and projects of wind power in the country, Lists of WEG (wind energy generator) manufacturers, Guidelines of government organizations, policies, subsidies, incentives, Lists of wind farm owners and wind farm developers, Lists of component/spares, tools/lubricants suppliers List of service providers, Lists of wind energy associations, societies and institutions.

This Directory is under publication since 2001 and the same may be obtained from CECL, India.


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