Conservation Services Group

From Open Energy Information

Conservation Services Group is a company located in Westborough, Massachusetts.

Conservation Services Group (CSG) is the leading U.S. provider of residential energy efficiency programs, providing proven expertise to utilities and state agencies, trade allies and homeowners/tenants/property owners seeking to save money on home energy bills and improve home durability, safety and comfort.

With 30-plus years of market leadership and the most reliable solutions in the industry, we provide innovative, comprehensive energy efficiency solutions for each client that go beyond the short-term, niche-market products offered by recent industry entrants. Because we are a mission-driven firm focused solely on residential energy efficiency and renewable energy, each of our projects gets our full attention.

Our energy efficiency programs include energy efficiency programs for new homes and existing homes, including home energy retrofits, home energy assessments, direct installation programs, appliance recycling programs, HVAC efficiency programs, green building certification, multi-family efficiency programs.

Our energy efficiency services include energy efficiency program management, energy efficiency software, marketing and design services, energy efficiency training, contractor oversight and quality control, energy efficiency financing, rebate and incentive processing, and customer contact centers.

Our experts are uniquely focused on our fundamental mission to serve as a trusted leader in innovative programs that exceed our clients’ goals. Whether these goals relate to conserving resources, cost savings, environmental impact, government mandates, or all of the above, CSG has the industry experience, building science expertise, long-term commitment and technical capability to roll up our sleeves and deliver improved building efficiency with innovative, cost-effective programs.