Community Renewable Energy Deployment: University of California at at Davis Project

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The University of California at Davis West Village Energy Initiative is partially funded by the Department of Energy's Community Renewable Energy Deployment (CommRE) grant. The West Village Community and is a community near the UC Davis campus designed for faculty, staff, and student involvement in campus life.  The community is using a combination of a solar photovoltaic array and fuel cells supplied with biogas from the campus waste to achieve the project goals. The project will demonstrate smart-grid technology. The University of California's partners include West Village LLC, Chevron Energy Solutions, Pacific Gas and Electric Company, RESCO

Community Information
Name University of California at Davis
Type University/College
Population 32,153[2]
Community Energy Goals University of CA goal: reduce emission levels by an additional 10% from 2000 baseline by 2014.

Achieve a net-zero annual energy community. (More project specific)

Baseline University wide emissions--1990: 103,146 Tons CO2; 2000: 144,077 Tons CO2

Results to Date In 2008, all University of CA campuses had reduced emissions to 2000 levels.


This project implements multiple technologies to achieve one goal, and provides documentation on the master plan for the entire community.  The project timeline related to the project is very detailed.  The design of the project is to be a model for future communities in California.

Environmental Aspects

1) Achieve a large scale Net-Zero Community entirely through on-site generation. 2) No progress to report as of yet.

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