Community Renewable Energy Deployment: Sacramento Municipal Utility District Projects

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This case study describes the Sacramento Municipal Utility District's efforts under the Department of Energy's Community Renewable Energy Deployment (CommRE) grant program.  The project includes a concentrator photovoltaic installation along California Highway 50 and anaerobic digestion and biogas production at two separate dairies, at a wastewater treatment facility, and at a recycling and transfer station in the Sacramento region. To implement these projects, SMUD has created partnerships with a variety of organizations, including California Department of Transpiration, Sacramento Regional County Sanitation District, New Hope Dairy, Van Warmerdam Dairy, Sacramento Recycling and Transfer Station, California Bioenergy, Innate Energy, RealEnergy, SolFocus, Williams Engineering, The State of California, California Energy Commission, California Air Resources Board.

Community Information
Name Sacramento Municipal Utility District, CA
Type Utility
Population 595,076[2]
Community Energy Goals Renewable energy supply goal of 37% by 2020 relative to a 1990 baseline.

Reduce GHG emissions 10% by 2050 relative to the 1990 baseline.

Baseline Approximately 3,500,000 metric tons/yr relative 1990 baseline year (source:
Results to Date 13% Renewable Energy supply 2006


This resource provides project timelines for the five projects being implemented by SMUD under the CommRE program. The resource also describes the utility's many partners who are helping to implement the projects and disperse lessons learned to other communities.

Environmental Aspects

1) The utility aims to achieve renewable energy goal of 37% by 2020. Expected renewable energy generation: Solar Highways: 1.5MW Biogas: SRCSD - 1-3 MW from biogas               Dairy - 1.2 MW from biogas               Sacramento Recycling - Electrical generation from biogas 2) No progress to report as of yet.


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