Community Renewable Energy Deployment: Forest County Potawatomi Tribe

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This short case study describes Forest County Potowatomi Tribe's renewable energy deployment plan under a grant awarded by the Department of Energy's Community Renewable Energy Deployment (CommRE) program. The tribe is installing a biomass-fueled combined heat and power facility to provide heating, coolling, and electricity to several Tribal government and reservation buildings. Additionally, the project will involve the installation of a biogas digester to generate electricity from locally-generated organic waste. Finally, the project will install a solar array on an administration building in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

Community Information
Name Forest County Potawatomi Tribe
Type Tribe;#Other
Population 531[2]

Results to Date None Yet


This project is a very short, fast read that a tribal community's approach to implementing a variety of integrated renewable energy technologies while potentially increasing local forestry and industry jobs.

Environmental Aspects

1) Reduce annual greenhouse gas emissions by 20,000 tons. The CHP facility is expected to produce 1.25MW of electricity, and the biogas digester will produce 150kW electricity. The solar PV installation on the Forest County Potowatomi Community Administration Building is expected to generate 18-30kW of electricity. 2) None to date.


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