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Colorado Public Utilities Commission is an organization that is part of the Colorado Department of Regulatory Agencies (DORA) and based in Denver, Colorado: Energy Resources, United States: Energy Resources. DORA regulates public boards and commissions to represent public products and interests. To form the PUC’s agency structure, the Colorado governor appoints three Commissioners, which are approved by the state Senate to serve four years. The Commissioners consult with utility consumers and personnel to meet the agency’s mission and objective statements.


“Colorado Public Utilities Commission (PUC) serves the public interest by effectively regulating utilities and facilities so that the people of Colorado receive safe, reliable, and reasonably-priced services consistent with the economic, environmental and social values of our state.”


“PUC program objectives are achieved by issuing regulatory authorities that allow utilities to operate; creating standards; assisting and providing education to the public; enforcing and verifying compliance with PUC requirements; and administering direct service programs.”

  • Rates
    • Utility rates will stay as low as possible to satisfy the residential and business consumers, while maintaining service, safety, economic viability, and environment standards.
  • Service
    • Customers will be provided with, “reliable, up-to-date, responsive, and timely utility service.”
  • Safety
    • Utility security will be upheld in consumer products.
  • Infrastructure
    • Infrastructure maintenance will uphold and improve reliable services.
  • Utilities will earn return rates sufficient enough for long-term economic viability and to comply with standards.


PUC maintains full or partial “regulatory authority” over subject specific programs that carry out the PUC’s mission and objectives. The three Commissioners oversee each section.

Energy and Water

  • This program balances resource safety, security, quantity, and availability to provide “just and reasonable” rates.
  • Resource planning resolves security breeches.


  • Tariff administration, new provider certification, quality assurance, market research, and policy development and analysis allow Colorado to be a competitive market.


  • Analyzes private and commercial energy source companies to monitor the product’s economic worth, stability, and consumer vitality.


  • Rates and Authorities Unit
    • “Conducts financial reviews, ensures fair and cost-based carrier rates; conducts audits and service complaint investigations; processes carrier applications; and issues permits.”
    • Investigations and Compliance Unit
    • Enforces safety and operating rules.
    • Investigates alleged illegal operations complaints, conducts vehicle safety inspections, and checks motor carrier records to uphold Commissioner and Federal law.

Rail Systems

  • Rail safety and security manages all Colorado “public highway-rail crossings”.
    • Conducts automobile collision reports and on-site safety inspections.
    • Every three years, rail fixed guideway systems audits occur.

Research and Emerging Issues

  • Evaluates current political and research topics that may impact the product or current consumer.
  • Project coordination and leadership is shared with the Commissioner.


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