Coincident P and Sh reflections from basement rocks at Coso geothermal field

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Journal Article: Coincident P and Sh reflections from basement rocks at Coso geothermal field

In mid-1989 the authors designed and collected four seismic reflection/refraction profiles that addressed the crustal structure of the Coso geothermal field. The two main east-west and north-south profiles crossed at the southeasternmost base of Sugar Loaf Mountain. Both in-line and cross-line Vibroseis and explosion data were recorded on each of these approximately 12-mi lines. This was accomplished with the simultaneous operation of two 1024-channel sign bit recording systems while four medium-weight P-wave vibrators traversed each line and 16 drilled charges were set off. A single recording system was used on each of the other profiles, one of which was a 4-mi-long, 700-channel P-wave profile connecting the Sierran front to the center of Rose Valley, and the other of which was a 2-mi-long, 240-channel SH-wave line runnings slightly southeastward from the junction of the main lines. Rough CMP stacks of the data that included depth varying velocities at 2-mi lateral intervals were completed in the field. Reprocessing is being done to improve the statics, velocities, signal character, and migrated signal positions. The main targets of the profiles were (1) exploring the reflection character of the crack/fluid system governing the steam field, (2) examining the Tertiary sedimentary basins in Rose Valley and Coso Wash, (3) testing the structural relationship of the Mesozoic Sierran basement to the Paleozoic sediments of the miogeosycline east of Coso, and (4) probing for significant middle and lower coastal reflector. In the shallow section, reflections that appear related to the doming of the Coso Range can be seen, along with horizons that must be associated with fracture zones and dykes in the basement intrusive rocks. The expected thickness of approximately 1 mi of Neogene sediments in Rose Valley was confirmed, with a possible underlying layer of deformed Paleogene strata.

Malin, P.E.; Erskine and M.C.  

Published Journal 
AAPG Bulletin (American Association of Petroleum Geologists); (USA), 5/1/1990

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Malin, P.E.; Erskine, M.C.  . 5/1/1990. Coincident P and Sh reflections from basement rocks at Coso geothermal field. AAPG Bulletin (American Association of Petroleum Geologists); (USA). (!) .

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