Climate Advisers

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Organization Overview[edit]

"Climate Advisers is a consulting firm specializing in U.S. climate change policy, international climate cooperation, global carbon markets, and climate-related forest conservation. Climate Advisers is known for its vision, policy expertise, political acumen, and access to senior policymakers in the United States and around the world.

Our clients include leading national governments, financial institutions, companies, think tanks, philanthropic foundations, conservation organizations and climate advocacy groups. Climate Advisers helps clients develop and advance environmentally effective, economically affordable and politically realistic climate change policies, strategies, and investments. In short, the firm is working with others to actively shape the low carbon economy.

Climate Advisers believes climate change poses serious economic, security, and environmental risks. The science is clear and prompt action is essential. It also believes that by working together, the world can solve the climate crisis and do so by means that promote economic growth, enhance international security, protect the natural world, and enrich socially responsible companies. But success depends on developing the right strategies, policy frameworks, investments, and partnerships."


Climate Advisers provides assistance in public policy by helping creating climate policy and improving relations between government officials and outside organizations. The organization also works extensively on carbon markets and improving investments in forest carbon. Additional research is also being performed in all of these fields as well as others for both major think tanks and other non-profits.

The organization maintains partnerships with companies, governments, and nonprofit clients and helps encourage communication between different firms as a way to accomplish more tasks more efficiently.


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