Clean Energy Investment and Climate Change

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"IISD's work in this area has focused on trying to determine what governments might do to help catalyze the huge flows of private investment that will be needed to address climate change. At the international level this involves taking a fresh look at the international investment agreements that govern the flow of commercial investment, or at the ways in which multilateral development banks might contribute. At the domestic level it involves policy reforms to attract and successfully govern more climate-friendly investment."


  • Opportunities and domestic barriers to clean energy investment in Chile.
  • Climate Change and International Investment Agreements: Obstacles or opportunities?
  • Clean energy investment in developing countries: Wind power in Egypt
  • The lessons of practice: Domestic policy reform as a way to address climate change
  • Investing in a sustainable future: Multilateral development banks' investment in energy policy
  • Clean energy investment: Project synthesis report
  • Clean energy investment in developing countries: Domestic barriers and opportunities in South Africa
  • Energy Service Companies (ESCOs) in Developing Countries


  1.  "Clean Energy Investment and Climate Change"