China and India PV Reliability-NREL Cooperation

From Open Energy Information

"Over a period of two years, U.S. partners will engage with Chinese and Indian manufacturers and qualification/certification experts in a phased project that emphasizes quality control through the value chain, as well as, reliability R&D. The National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) and Sandia National Laboratory (SNL) will take the lead to provide technical assistance and training. Other partners, such as U.S. universities, Regional Experimental Stations (RESs) FSEC/SWTDI, UL, TUV, and ASU, will also be involved in reliability and testing workshops as a part of the overall project.

US DOE laboratories will engage Chinese and Indian manufacturers and test laboratories to fully apprise them of photovoltaic module qualification standards and methodologies currently being used in the US, Japan, and the EU. Most of this information is based on IEC procedures.

To assure that world photovoltaic manufacturers embrace and adopt state-of-the-art reliability practices, US DOE R&D National Laboratories and RESs (FSEC, SWTDI), in partnership with UL, ASU, TUV and academics, will act as a technical resource to assist Chinese and Indian PV industry and test agencies to develop quality assurance and reliability practices compatible with world markets."[1]


  1. National Renewable Energy Laboratory, EERE Supported International Activities FY 2009 Annual Operating Plan (August 25, 2009)