China-NREL Rural Electrification Projects

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SDPC Brightness Program/Township Electrification Program

  • $240M SDPC grant for 17 MW PV and wind village power systems; 800 townships in 2002-2003
  • SDPC to supply remaining 20,000 unconnected villages in next phases
  • Training certification framework for SHS, village power and hybrid systems:
  • Certified 4 master trainers for SHS (7/02)
  • Prepare village power training manual (1/03)
  • Technical training workshop (1/03) – train technicians on village power system, installation, O&M, repair
  • Accredit auditors and training centers (1/03) • tariffs, O&M, productive uses
  • Village power sustainability workshop (12/02) – design program guidelines for tariffs, O&M, productive uses
  • Monitor 2 village systems to improve technical and economic performance – software and training on system design, optimization modeling
  • Rural household energy surveys in Xinjiang, Qinghai and Inner Mongolia and analysis of least-cost systems options
  • Tibetan village PV installation to demonstrate amorphous silicon technology



  1. NREL International Program Overview