China-Medium and Long Term Energy Conservation Plan

From Open Energy Information


"Energy conservation is a long-term strategic guideline in China’s economic and social development, and an extremely urgent matter at present. The NDRC has therefore formulated the Plan of Energy Conservation, which aims to push the whole society towards energy conservation and energy intensity reduction, to remove energy bottlenecks, to build an energy saving society, and to promote a sustainable social and economic development and thus realize the grand objective of building a society that is well-off in every aspect. The programming period is divided into the Eleventh Five Years Plan period running to 2010 and the period from 2010 to 2020. The energy conservation objectives and the focus of development by 2010 are essentially planned, whereas the objectives stated for 2020 are proposed. The Plan presented here comprise of the following parts:

  1. the current situation in respect of energy utilization in China;
  2. tasks for energy conservation;
  3. the way forward for energy conservation, principles and objectives;
  4. key areas and key energy conservation projects;
  5. implementation measures.

This Plan of energy conservation is an important and integral part of China’s long term energy development program. It is also a guiding document for China’s medium- and long-term energy conservation work, laying the basis for the development of energy conservation projects." "


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