China-International Industrial Energy Efficiency Deployment Project

From Open Energy Information



“China is prioritizing a low carbon, energy efficient economy and has added an industry-focused carbon intensity target to existing clean energy targets in its 12th Five-Year Plan. For China's GHG intensive industrial sector to achieve breakthrough gains in energy and GHG reduction, managers and policymakers alike need:

  1. rigorous and consistent GHG accounting tools and standards;
  2. the technical and institutional capacity to apply energy and GHG accounting information, tools, and best practices;
  3. access to incentives and financing that support meaningful, large-scale, and sustained implementation; and
  4. a sufficient pool of qualified environmental, energy, and emissions experts.

ISC's programs focus on building the capacity of industry and EHS managers as well as the energy efficiency and GHG accounting training in China.”



  1.  "International Industrial Energy Efficiency Deployment Project"