China-GTZ Energy Programs

From Open Energy Information

GTZ activities with China include:

  • German Chinese Platform Renewable Energy: technical capacities for sustainable feed-in of wind energy in the grid - training of technical capacities, certification and measurement of wind energy plants
  • Optimisation of Biomass Utilisation for Carbon Sequestration: framework conditions for investments in medium and big biomass plants
  • Energy Efficiency in Existing Buildings: development of procedures and standards of renovation for existing buildings
  • Enviromental Protection in the Energy Industry: policy advice in environmental protection. Strategy, water management and technical measures for a cleaner production in coal power plants
  • Wind Power Research and Training Center: improvement of technical and professional capacities of private and public stakeholders concerning on-grid wind energy supply
  • Energy Sector Reform Program: energy policy advice towards a sustainable resource use and energy efficiency on national and subnational level, management and information system, regulatory instruments for EE
  • Renewable Energies, Rural Development and Qualification: promotion of EE in the public sector in new buildings and existant schools, qualification of service providers, development of methodologies and organisational structures
  • Electromobility in China: strategy development for sustainable electro mobility


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