Chile-GTZ Public Properties for Grid-connected Renewable Energy Projects

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GTZ is working with Chile with the following objective: "Sites on state-owned properties are identified, assessed and marketed to enable the implementation of investment projects for electricity production from renewable energy sources."


"In the context of BMU’s International Climate Initiative, the German Government is supporting Chile with its plan to develop these areas of state-owned property. The main focus is on a wind-measuring campaign involving 20 sites which will help to identify larger areas for wind energy production. Furthermore, feasibility studies will examine the technical and economic preconditions for project development. To a more limited extent, the potential for generating electricity through concentrated solar power (CSP) will also be tested. The selected areas are to be awarded to private project developers through a process of tendering and competitive bidding.

An expert has been employed as the project leader and advisor to the Ministerio de Energía in Chile. Some tasks will be allocated to specialist international consulting companies, such as the carrying out of the technical-economic feasibility studies. The project also provides the measuring technology. The Ministerio de Energía is participating in project implementation and is meeting part of the costs, for example for the installation and operation of the measuring equipment by local experts or institutes."

Results achieved so far

"It is expected that renewable energies (RE) in Chile will be developed more quickly because of this project.

Fossil fuels will be replaced following the construction and operation of RE power stations, creating significant potential for reducing the levels of CO2 production. The project thus directly benefits climate protection. Furthermore, it assumes certain project development risks, such as carrying out profit analyses. There are thus considerable incentives for project developers and investors to carry out RE projects on the allocated areas of state-owned properties. The public sale of the sites and the proposed tendering procedures create transparency and foster public acceptance. The project promotes structural change and regional development.

20 wind measuring masts, installed at a height of 20 metres, two wind measuring masts, installed at a height of 80 metres, and three solar radiation measuring stations are in operation. The measuring instruments were procured in Germany; the wind measuring masts were manufactured in Chile. The measuring locations were chosen with the aid of a model of wind and solar potentials commissioned by the Ministry of Energy. This model is publicly accessible on the internet. In selected locations, a vertical profile of wind velocities is being measured at a height of 150 metres using a SODAR system. The government has reserved two state-owned locations for wind energy projects and one location for a solar thermal power plant. While the meteorological measurements and feasibility studies are being carried out, the Ministry of Energy, the Ministry of National Property and GTZ are already preparing the tender documents for the locations. The calls for tenders are due to get underway in 2010."

Further information can be accessed at the project website.


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