Chile-Clean Technology Fund (CTF)

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"The Clean Technology Fund (CTF) provides middle income countries with highly concessional resources to explore options to scale up the demonstration, deployment, and transfer of low carbon technologies in renewable energy, energy efficiency, and sustainable transport.

Each CTF investment plan is tailored by the country to be integrated into national development objectives and to serve as a programmatic organizing framework for the activities of actors across institutions, stakeholder groups, and sectors. More than 100 projects have emerged from these plans. They are expected to have a major impact on reducing CO2 emissions and on strengthening the viability and availability of clean technologies nationally, regionally, and globally.

Channeled through the multilateral development banks (MDBs), CTF concessional financing focuses on large-scale, country-initiated projects in:

  • Renewable energy: concentrating solar power, solar photovoltaic, geothermal, wind, small hydro
  • Sustainable transport: bus rapid transit, public transportation, high-efficiency vehicles, modal shifts
  • Energy efficiency: industry, building, district heating, municipal, lighting, appliances"1

CTF Chile Fact Sheet

CTF Chile 0.pdf

CTF Chile Revised Investment Plan (September 2013)

CTF IP Revision Chile Sept2013.pdf


  1.  "CIF Clean Technology Fund"