Characterization of U.S. Wave Energy Converter (WEC) Test Sites

From Open Energy Information

This is the second edition of the catalogue of U.S. WEC test sites, which includes 8 test sites. Please reference and use this second edition.

Abstract: This report presents met-ocean data and wave energy characteristics at eight U.S. wave energy converter (WEC) test and potential deployment sites. Its purpose is to enable the comparison of wave resource characteristics among sites as well as the selection of test sites that are most suitable for a developer’s device and that best meet their testing needs and objectives. It also provides essential inputs for the design of WEC test devices and planning WEC tests, including the planning of deployment, and operations and maintenance. For each site, this report catalogues wave statistics recommended in the International Electrotechnical Commission Technical Specification (IEC 62600-101 TS) on Wave Energy Characterization, as well as the frequency of occurrence of weather windows and extreme sea states, and statistics on wind and ocean currents. It also provides useful information on test site infrastructure and services.

Media:SNL US WEC TestSiteCatalogue 2ndEdition Part1.pdf

Media:SNL US WEC TestSiteCatalogue 2ndEdition Part2.pdf

Media:SNL US WEC TestSiteCatalogue 2ndEdition Part3.pdf

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