California State Lands Commission

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Mission Statement

The staff of the California State Lands Commission serves the people of California by providing stewardship of the lands, waterways, and resources entrusted to its care through economic development, protection, preservation, and restoration.

Vision Statement

The staff of the California State Lands Commission works as a team to set the standard for excellence in public land management and resource protection to ensure the future quality of the environment and balanced use of the lands and resources entrusted to its care.


The California Sate Lands Commission (Commission) consists of the Controller, Lieutenant Governor, and the Directory of Finance. The commission meets every other month, on average, to consider approval of permit and lease applications.

Mineral Resources Management Division

The Mineral Resources Management Division’s (MRMD) Geothermal Program started more than 50 years ago with the issuance of the State’s first geothermal prospecting permit near the Salton Sea in Imperial County. Actual production and utilization of geothermal resources from State-owned lands managed by MRMD has been on-going for nearly four decades at The Geysers geothermal field in Sonoma and Lake Counties.

The objective of the Geothermal Program is to manage the orderly and efficient development of geothermal resources on State-owned lands. This objective involves maximizing royalty revenue while at the same time protecting the environment and assuring public safety. MRMD staff employs skills and expertise in several specialized areas to manage the geothermal activities on State-owned lands. Drilling proposals require a technical review by engineering personnel. Drilling and production operations are witnessed by field inspection staff for compliance with safety and pollution prevention regulations. Production reports, royalty calculations, and payments are verified by staff with expertise in geothermal operations and lease terms. Valuable assistance is also provided by staff in the Commission’s other divisions. For example, processing applications and negotiating lease terms requires input from the Division of Environmental Planning and Management (DEPM), the Land Management Division (LMD), and the Legal division.

More information can be found on the geothermal program at the MRMD's Geothermal Program and Project Updates page which includes factsheets, program milestones, permitting and leasing procedures, and other relevant forms and guidance covering geothermal projects in California.

California State Lands Commission is an organization based in Sacramento, California: Energy Resources.


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