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"CLIMWAT is a climatic database to be used in combination with the computer program CROPWAT. and allows the calculation of crop water requirements, irrigation supply and irrigation scheduling for various crops for a range of climatological stations worldwide.

CLIMWAT 2.0 for CROPWAT is a joint publication of the Water Development and Management Unit and the Climate Change and Bioenergy Unit of FAO.

CLIMWAT 2.0 offers observed agroclimatic data of over 5000 stations worldwide distributed as shown below. "


"CLIMWAT provides long-term monthly mean values of seven climatic parameters, namely:

  • Mean daily maximum temperature in °C
  • Mean daily minimum temperature in °C
  • Mean relative humidity in %
  • Mean wind speed in km/day
  • Mean sunshine hours per day
  • Mean solar radiation in MJ/m2/day
  • Monthly rainfall in mm/month
  • Monthly effective rainfall in mm/month
  • Reference evapotranspiration calculated with the Penman-Monteith method in mm/day.
  • The data can be extracted for a single or multiple stations in the format suitable for their use in CROPWAT. Two files are created for each selected station. The first file contains long-term monthly rainfall data mm/month.
  • Additionally, effective rainfall is also included calculated and included in the same file. The second file consists of long-term monthly averages for the seven climatic parameters, mentioned above. This file also contains the coordinates and altitude of the location."


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