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"Global climate grids A variety of gridded global climate datasets is provided covering different periods within 1951-2000 and based on different data sources (Climatic Research Unit, CRU; Global Precipitation Climatology Center, GPCC). The datasets are provided as tables of comma separated values (on a common grid with 0.5°x0.5° resolution) as well as resampled georeferenced IDA images and GeoTIFF files (5’x5’ resolution).

Climate data

Global climatic and real-time meteorological stations data from different sources are received under various forms (e.g. hand-written report, formatted and non-formatted text, spreadsheet, ASCII text, spatially interpolated data, etc.).

Climate maps

The global climate maps are based on data of mean monthly values of temperature, precipitation and cloudiness prepared in 1991 by R. Leemans and W. Cramer and published by the International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis (IIASA).

Spatial interpolation

The spatial interpolation of agroclimatic data aims at estimating the value of rainfall, temperature, or any other agroclimatic parameter at a given site based on the observations at neighbouring locations.

Methods and tools

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