CCAP-Data and Capacity Needs for Transportation NAMAs

From Open Energy Information

Report 1: Data Availability

"The current report is the first in a series exploring the issue of data and capacity needs to support effective implementation and evaluation of transportation NAMAs. The purpose of this research is to support the development of a more detailed framework for incorporating transportation plans and strategies into post-2012 climate instruments. The research will assess the types and quality of data needed to evaluate transportation NAMAs, The research will also provide an overview of developing country capacity-building needs and ways that those needs could be met through technical assistance and capacity building from international and national organizations."

Report 2: Data Selection

"This report provides an overview of how to select transportation data for estimating GHG emissions reductions from transport NAMAs ex ante (during planning) and ex post (as MRV). It begins with some key principles for evaluating NAMAs (GHG emissions baselines, non-GHG benefits, cost-effectiveness, level of certainty of estimated quantities, and whether the NAMA is part of a broader low-carbon development strategy). It provides a flow chart that could serve as a guide for deciding how to evaluate NAMAs. Finally, the paper includes two appendices. The first appendix describes options for the evaluation of ten specific types of transportation NAMAs, while the second presents the specific types of data recommended for NAMA evaluation (as mentioned in the first appendix) and up to three sources or collection methods for each."

Report 3: Capacity Building Needs

"This report reviews the technical assistance and capacity building needed to support development, implementation and assessment of transport nationally appropriate mitigation actions (NAMA) to achieve greenhouse gas (GHG) reductions in developing countries. Funders of NAMAs want to have confidence that their funds are being effectively used to achieve GHG mitigation benefits. However, as previous research conducted for this project demonstrated, the data needed for NAMA evaluation is often unavailable or of poor quality. Building capacity for local planning, implementation, and evaluation activities is therefore essential to increasing the effectiveness of NAMAs as well as providing funders with confidence that NAMAs represent a worthwhile investment of climate funds."


  1.  "CCAP-Data and Capacity Needs for Transportation NAMAs"