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C3Nano, inc. is a startup company that has emerged from Stanford University in Stanford, California.

C3Nano, inc. is team of students from Stanford University, who recently won the Massachusetts Institute of Technology clean energy prize for their development of a new electrode that will help make PV more efficient. The team unveiled a carbon nanobased electrode that will allow sunlight to penetrate thin-film PV panels up to 12% more. It has the potential to increase the efficiency of PV cells, as well as increase the efficiency of other technologies[1]

"Founded by Stanford University students Ajay Virkar and Melbs LeMieux, C3Nano has developed a new transparent electrode material that they believe will make photovoltaic solar panels both cheaper and more efficient. Although the material has many potential applications, including touch-screen electronic devices, the team believes the solar industry is the most attractive initial market."[2]

C3Nano, inc Electrode


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