Building GHGs National Inventory Systems

From Open Energy Information

Program Overview

The forthcoming climate regime will include a global mechanism called REDD – Reducing Emissions from Deforestation and Forest Degradation. Each developing country must draw up a Greenhouse Gas Inventory (GHG Inventory) for its forestry sector in line with the guidance established by the UNFCCC Secretariat. Industrialised nations have already developed technical expertise on GHG Inventories which would be useful for the prospective REDD countries.

The currently available professional capacities for compiling greenhouse gas inventories are severely limited. In order to enable all developing countries with REDD potential to compile and present their national greenhouse gas inventories, it is absolutely essential that all available professional potential be consolidated in a joint effort. The project supports REDD countries in their efforts to establish national systems for compilation of greenhouse gas inventories through training, expert workshops and online learning systems.


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