Broadlands- A Gas-Dominated Geothermal Field

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Journal Article: Broadlands- A Gas-Dominated Geothermal Field

Broadlands geothermal field is a hot-water system containing a few per cent of non-condensable gas (carbon dioxide). This small fraction of gas makes the field response markedly different from a conventional hot-water system like Wairakei. The gas pressures cause boiling at depths of about 2 km, so that bores exploit only the two-phase zone. The initial pressure response to exploitation is dominated by changes in gas pressures, so that conventional resource assessments are misleading. The fact that bores exploit the two-phase region means that they exploit only a confined area near a bore, and so are very sensitive to local variations in permeability. This contrasts with Wairakei experience. Most presently drilled good bores are in a confined sector of the field. This paper presents a model of the response of this subfield to exploitation, and its recovery.

M. A. Grant

Published Journal 
Geothermics, 1977

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M. A. Grant. 1977. Broadlands- A Gas-Dominated Geothermal Field. Geothermics. (!) .