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Spectrolab is a company located in Sylmar, California , and a subsidiary of Boeing. The company manufactures high-efficiency multijunction space solar cells and panels, which provide power to hundreds of satellite and interplanetary spacecraft, and terrestrial concentrator solar cells for the emerging alternative energy market. Spectrolab's product portfolio includes semi-conductor products, photodetectors and sensors, solar simulators and airborne searchlight systems for military, maritime, and search and rescue operations.

Spectrolab has partnered with NREL in successful research and development efforts, resulting in two separate R&D 100 Awards. In 2001, they jointly developed a solar cell, called a "TJ" solar cell (for "triple junction"). At the time it was developed, it was capable of record-breaking efficiency in converting sunlight to electricity and maintaining a high efficiency under great concentrations of solar energy [2]. Again in 2007, the two received an R&D 100 Award for the High-Efficiency Metamorphic Multi-junction (HEMM) Concentrator Solar Cell, the first solar cell to break the 40 percent conversion efficiency barrier[3].


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