Blue Valley Energy

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On Jan 1st 2008, Valley Geothermal and Blue Sky Energy Solutions merged to form Blue Valley Energy LLC. Valley Geothermal, led by Monte Schmidt, had been in business for over 10 years. With over 120 geothermal systems installed, Valley Geothermal brings great experience and installation skills to the new company. Monte and his team have installed both geothermal and conventional systems.

Blue Sky Energy Solutions, Inc was started in 2003 by David Petroy and Eldred Himsworth. The company provided analysis of heating and cooling energy usage for both the domestic and business market as well as design of high quality heating and cooling systems. A bond was soon formed between Valley Geothermal and Blue Sky, with Blue Sky providing sales and design expertise. The Blue Sky team developed expertise in designing and costing geothermal systems as well as high-quality conventional systems.


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