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Promoting your blog

Now that you're a member of the OpenEI community and are interested in blogging, you may want to promote your blog using OpenEI's social media and rss feed channels. Here is a simple list of information on how to have your blog promoted through these channels, bringing you more exposure for your posts.

Writing Style

OpenEI does not have strict requirements for writing style. However, if you want to have your blog promoted and would hope for exposure, think about making your blog short, easy to read, and related to one topic. If your blog post crosses many boundaries, it probably has many different variants and may be difficult for the outside readers of the OpenEI blog to follow. If you have a long blog post related to several topics, you could possibly break it down into multiple short 2-3 paragraph blogs for the outside channels.


Make sure that anything you cite has good references either inline or at the bottom of the article. The use of block quotes is a good way to reference inline quotations, but not a requirement.


We encourage you to embed media, but make sure that it has proper attribution. For a list of attribution rules and laws, click here


If you feel you have a blog post you'd like promoted, and are hoping to bring it to the attention of OpenEI, you can email us the link at: OpenEI Webmaster

OpenEI Channels

The OpenEI blog touches multiple channels. We will post soon a list of where your blog will be re-posted.