BioCarbon Fund Project Portfolio

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"The BioCarbon Fund provides carbon finance for projects that sequester or conserve greenhouse gases in forests, agro- and other ecosystems. Through its focus on bio-carbon, or 'sinks', it delivers carbon finance to many developing countries that otherwise have few opportunities to participate in the Clean Development Mechanism (CDM), or to countries with economies in transition through joint implementation (JI). The BioCarbon Fund tests and demonstrates how land use, land-use change and forestry (LULUCF) activities can generate high-quality ERs with environmental and livelihood benefits that can be measured, monitored and certified, and stand the test of time.

The BioCarbon Fund is a public/private initiative established as a trust fund administered by the World Bank. The World Bank, as Trustee, oversees the BioCarbon Fund's management and appoints a Fund Manager and a Fund Management Unit. This unit is part of the World Bank's Carbon Finance Unit and draws on the World Bank's experience with carbon finance."


Countries BioCF ERPA Emission Reductions tCO2e Total Project Emission Reductions Generation tCO2e UNFCCC Reference No.
Albania: Assisted Natural Regeneration 257,180 2714
China: Facilitating Reforestation for Guangxi Watershed Management in Pearl River Basin 462,014 462,014
Colombia: San Nicolás Agroforestry 120,000 994,134
Colombia: Caribbean Savannah 246,992 327,341
Costa Rica: Coopeagri Forestry 557,940 613,733
Ethiopia: Humbo Assisted Regeneration 165,000 396,000 2712
Honduras: Pico Bonito Forest Restoration 450,082 630,000
India: Improving Rural Livelihoods 276,000 534,760
Kenya: Green Belt Movement 375,000 791,825
Madagascar: Ankeniheny–Zahamena – Mantadia Biodiversity Conservation Corridor and Restoration Project 200,000 436,637
Mali: Acacia Senegal Plantation Project 190,000 1,400,000
Moldova: Soil Conservation (BioCF) 600,000 2,227,024 1948
Nicaragua: Precious Woods 174,796 1,206,883
Niger: Acacia Senegal Plantation Project 500,000 1,077,926
Uganda: Nile Basin Reforestation 261,211 295,050 1578


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