Benin: Increased Access to Modern Energy Project

From Open Energy Information

The objective of the Increased Access to Modern Energy Project is to improve reliability, efficiency, and access to modern energy services in Benin. There are three components to the project, the first component being electrical network upgrading. This component will provide for necessary investments to allow for continued operation of the existing transmission and distribution grid, as well as for an upgrade of its functionality. The upgrading of the network will enable the expansion of the network for further electrification. Under this component, two transmission lines will be constructed, and distribution networks in key urban centers will be rehabilitated. Finally, measures to enhance lighting and appliance efficiency implemented under this component will help reduce peak load and energy consumption. The second component is the electrification and modern energy services. This component will extend the provision of modern energy services in rural areas. The project is targeting modem energy services for lighting and appliances through the provision of electricity in rural areas, and for cooking through the provision of modern biomass energy and substitute fuels. Finally, the third component is the sustainable energy services. This component will focus on making energy services to consumers more sustainable by focusing on improved financial autonomy and performance of key sector institutions, and enhancing the capacity to better plan and regulate Benin's energy sector.


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