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Balboa Pacific Corporation is located in San Diego, California. Balboa Pacific has developed the Bal-Pac Thermal Conversion Pyrolytic Gasification System. It employs a continuous feed waste treatment technology that causes the destructive distillation of toxic or non-toxic organic material, either solid or liquid substances, reducing the feedstock to a sterile ash and hot exhaust gases. As validated by independent environmental engineers: "Balboa's Pyrolytic Gasification destroys 99.999984 percent of the toxic elements found in any feedstock that is introduced through the System and is cost effective in its application to waste management” (URS Study). Balboa has received acceptance of its technology and application to the treatment and eradication of waste by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and Air Quality Management District (AQMD). The emissions and leachate are non-hazardous and non-toxic.



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The Bal-Pac Thermal Conversion Pyrolytic Gasification System




Contact information[edit]

To learn more about Balboa Pacific, please contact:

Todd Bluechel
Balboa Pacific Corporation
Director of Public Relations and Marketing
Direct: (858) 605 1075


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