Application Of Geochemical Methods In The Search For Geothermal Fields

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Journal Article: Application Of Geochemical Methods In The Search For Geothermal Fields

From 1983 to 1985, an orientation study was carried out in about 20 geothermal fields in China. Semi-detailed and detailed surveys were conducted in an area of 90 km2 in Yangbajing, Tibet. Hg, As, Sb and Bi were used as indicators to extend the promising area of known geothermal fields to 16 km2. In the northern part of the extended promising area, three drill holes were sunk and high-temperature thermal water of 160°C was obtained. In the southern part, outside the geochemical anomaly, two holes were drilled but no thermal water was found. The inner zone of the Hg anomaly coincides closely with the distribution of drill holes that met thermal water with temperatures higher than 140°C. The distribution of Bi values may indicate that the thermal water in the southern part is at shallower depth. A semi-regional survey in an area of 200 km2 in Tengchong, Yunnan Province delineated several new prospects, which will possibly extend the resources of the Rehai geothermal field. An element zoning pattern similar to that of hydrothermal mineral deposits was discovered in the Rehai geothermal field. A semi-regional survey conducted in Xiaotangshan near Beijing indicated that the possible extent of the Xiaotangshan geothermal field may reach 30 km2. Drilling confirmed that the outer zone of the Hg anomaly is in accordance with the distribution of 40°C thermal water, and the intermediate and inner zones of the Hg anomaly are associated with higher temperature thermal water. Research during the three years 1983-1985 demonstrated that exploration geochemistry is an effective tool for finding geothermal fields.

Zhu Bingqiu, Zhu Lixin, Shi Changyi, Yu Hui and Wang Gongyuan

Published Journal 
Journal of Geochemical Exploration, 1989



Zhu Bingqiu,Zhu Lixin,Shi Changyi,Yu Hui,Wang Gongyuan. 1989. Application Of Geochemical Methods In The Search For Geothermal Fields. Journal of Geochemical Exploration. (!) .