Analysis Of Geothermal Resources In Northern Switzerland

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Conference Paper: Analysis Of Geothermal Resources In Northern Switzerland

In Europe, geothermal energy becomes an attractive alternative for many conventional fuel based energy scenarios. In a time when actual political discussion favors regenerative energies, geothermal energy is an essential option since it offers the advantage of providing band energy. Recent studies provide evidence for large economical competitiveness of low-enthalpy, direct-use systems for heating and high-enthalpy systems for cogeneration (combined heat and power, CHP) or pure power generation. The study presented herein develops a detailed subsurface model of possible geothermal resources in Northern Switzerland. In order to elaborate a Swiss geothermal resource atlas, a procedure has been elaborated that accounts for geological structures, temperature logging data, petrophysical evaluations and hydraulic borehole experiments (Kohl et al., 2005). Therewith, it expands earlier potential assessments that rather focus on thermal data interpretation. The purpose of our approach is mostly restricted to the evaluation of lithological settings and physical conditions and is therefore ideally complementary to other rather technical assessments

T. Kohl, I. Engelhardt and S. Signorelli

GRC, 2005

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T. Kohl,I. Engelhardt,S. Signorelli. 2005. Analysis Of Geothermal Resources In Northern Switzerland. In: (!) ; (!) ; (!) . (!) : GRC; p. (!)