An appraisal of Colorado's geothermal resources

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Report: An appraisal of Colorado's geothermal resources

The Colorado Geological Survey is releasing Bulletin 39 again, this time as a CD-ROM. Bulletin 39 was first published in 1978 and contains a description of each of the 56 geothermal areas known in 1978 and an explanation of the various geothermometer methods used to estimate the geothermal reservoir temperatures of each area. Because of the increase in price of oil and natural gas during the 2000s, the Colorado public is once again searching for cheap, reliable, and renewable energy sources. Geothermal resources in Colorado may offer opportunities to produce electricity using modern technology not available in the 1970s. The objective of this publication is to provide readily accessible information on geothermal resources in Colorado to resource developers, government planners, interested businesses, and interested citizens.

J.K. Barrett and R.H. Pearl

Colorado Geological Survey Bulletin, 1978

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J.K. Barrett, R.H. Pearl. 1978. An appraisal of Colorado's geothermal resources. (!) : Colorado Geological Survey Bulletin.